9 New Skills You Need to be a 21st Century Educator

Recently received this feed from a colleague on Twitter @aanesti  within my Personal Learning Network (PLN)

this is a Link to an Open Universities page.

http://www.onlineuniversities.com/blog/ 2011/08/9-new-skills-you-need-to-be-a-21st-century-educator/

Below is a list of the tools found on the above mentioned page and my experiences, successes and opportunities to improve


Have been blogging with classes on a regular bases this year, this has lead to established protocols for blogging within the class. We have developed a system for blogging in response to regular events and activities in class.

Social Media:

The use of social media within the school environment has been limited, however i see genuine opportunities to improve this use.

Inter classroom communication:

By enabling chat functions has allowed classes to continue collaboration when using multiple facilities. Still ironing out the minor kinks. But students have seen a valuable use of this

Cultural Literacy:

Development of  skills that enhance our capacity to work in a more global perspective is invaluable. I have no doubt in my mind that the international experience I have had has made an incredible difference to improving my teaching skills. Can’t beat this, loads of options out there to try teaching in another country

Socratic Seminar:

This has proved to be a method i have used to empower students to grow and become increasingly more self sufficient learners.

Community Engagement:

The power of involving Community organsations can not be underestimated, so much experience and so much passion to share with others. beyond that the sense of contribution to community can be great opportunity for students, need to work at this one in my current job… but how?

Information Literacy:

Increasing access to subject specific literacy and methods in which you can find out the meaning of words then share with others has lead to students saying the feel smarter, great confidence builder


Just started to assist students in developing their own Personal Learning Networks, to enhance their opportunities of  become life long learners…. stay tuned


Blending this use into all classes has been a challenge at times, students often associate computers with entertainment. Been a slow transition but improving slowly

Those of you who have used any of these skills i would love to hear about your successes, things to consider, and opportunities

Thanks all.


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