Mobile phones in classes!

I have been using many of the features/software  found on my mobile phone over the past year in classes. I have used the camera to take photos of  class notes and work samples for emailing to students who have missed lessons. Many students are now taking photo’s of there work at the end of sessions to send to friends, show their parents and for referral at a later date.

Students are also using their phones to record themselves completing work on the board in front of others. I am planning on extending this further this year by asking students to record parody style songs to help remember tough concepts.

I will be testing the use of QR codes for my classes as a way of encouraging them to remember homework tasks. The first QR code will direct them to a Google site that has a short video and 3 questions for them to watch and review for the following class.

Students will also be allowed to use the notes/quick office features for note taking and uploading to digital workbooks at a later date.

Would love to know any other successes or failures people have had using mobile phones in classes.


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