Tablet Laptops in Classes

Many of the students in my classes are now using a tablet based multi-touch and stylus laptop.
I have been encouraging the use of Microsoft OneNote. This has proven to be a relatively successful approach in both Mathematics and Science, students have said it is easier to keep organised and are able to fit all relevant work on a single page making it far easier to access at a later date. The opportunity to leave voice and video feedback for students is also possible.

Quick access to work.
Video and audio feedback.
Easy sharing.
Can annotate own and others work.
Colour coding as a visual indicator for help or highlight common errors.
Split screen set-up with a digital text.
Students are recording their experiments to review and look for potential errors in method.
Keeping work away from Internet based tools can be beneficial, Internet limits etc.
Connectivity to overhead projectors, able to throw work on screen to allow modelling (student and teacher ) more often.

Students not having a charged laptop.
Not backing up hard drive regularly.
Some students dislike the laptop for Mathematics. Ease of use of stylus, learning new skills.
Lost work hard drive crashes.
Time spent to adjust to software.
Software issues

Thoughts so far?
I will continue with this approach as the benefits have outweighed the negatives.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me.


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