PE Teachers: Five things to consider when buying a whistle

Choosing a whistle for a ‘Phys Ed Teacher’ can be a very personal and difficult thing indeed.

5 things to consider when choosing a ‘Phys Ed Teacher’ whistle

  1. Material: Metal (Durable) vs Plastic (Lighter)
  2. Effort to blow: Easy or Hard
  3. Loudness: Low or High
  4. Tone: Deep or High
  5. Cost: Cheap or Expensive

After spending the past 13 years as a ‘Phys Ed Teacher’ and trying several whistles I have settled on the choice below

My choice: ACME Thunder No# 58

  1. Material: Metal (Has lasted for over 6 years)
  2. Effort to Blow: Hard
  3. Loudness: Medium (Great for indoors and out)
  4. Tone: Deep
  5. Cost: $10-20

This whistle has serviced me well over the years and shows no signs of breaking or wearing down. Although a little on the expensive side, this whistle has stood the test of time. This is my go to whistle both indoors and out. This is also a whistle of choice as a gift to fellow ‘Phys Ed Teachers’ as it is also large enough to be engraved.

My Runner-up: Fox 40 Classic Official Referee

  1. Material: Plastic (Black)
  2. Effort to Blow: Easy
  3. Loudness: High (can be a little high for some in a gymnasium)
  4. Tone: High
  5. Cost: $8-15

Feel free to place your whistle of choice and why in the comments below.


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